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Okay guys whatever I have to offer is present on this home page. Do make an attempt to go through the website content relevant to youI am trying my level best to put the information out there for those who are already so freaked out with the Ridiculous interview patterns and boring repetitive questions that are bombarded on us. More information as to why I want to do this is present on My Profile page :-)

My sole aim is to provide and share as much knowledge as possible to all. I am presently trying to do this for the skill sets that I have been working on for the past 6 years. You will see content related to C, C++, Linux Programming and SIP protocol (VOIP - since I have been working in the Telecom Domain).

I am trying to add content everyday but this is going to take some time as, I do this after my whole day of work using my spare time. Please be patient and request all of you to already start posting your questions, ideas, suggestions and whatever you deem necessary in "Ask Your Question" section. This would give me a lot of BOOSTTag the questions to their respective categories before submitting. Questions and Answers related to SIP would be posted under the SIP Discussion page

We all know that Company Reviews and Interview Questions asked are the most talked about topics during the Chai Sutta break :-) :-) So, guys if you really like the content and support my noble cause please share this with your friends and take out a minute to leave comments on my GuestBook.

Share & N'joy !!!   

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